Advancements in the realm of aesthetics, as with Botox and dermal fillers, has changed the aging game, reversing visible signs like fine lines and wrinkles, loss of volume, sun damage and other skin irregularities to reveal more beautiful, youthful-looking skin. What’s not so attractive are the bruises that are often, and unavoidably, a bi-product of these cosmetic treatments.

Even at the hands of the most practiced injectors who administer thousands of injectables a month, the invisible veins underneath the skin can go undetected, making it difficult at times to avoid puncturing a blood vessel with the injection needle. That is, until now. The introduction of AccuVein, a breakthrough vein illumination device that has the ability to locate and map out otherwise undetectable veins on skin has been a game changer for both practitioners and their patients, alike.

Using advanced technology to reveal the position and location of all invisible veins under the skin in real time, AccuVein can lend a sense of ‘x-ray vision’ to the injector so that they can identify injection sites and avoid veins with greater precision. This greatly reduces the risk of bruising and other complications, which is often the biggest concern for patients undergoing facial injectable cosmetic treatments.

AccuVein technology works by using two lasers to reveal the unique map of your veins that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Without touching the skin, this small handheld device is scanned over the treatment area. The one laser, which projects infrared light, is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood and veins. The infrared light illuminates and distinguishes both larger veins and smaller, hidden blood vessels from the surrounding tissue. The second laser (red light) works to interpret and project that vein pattern back onto the skin forming a crisp digital image.

Vein visualization with AccuVein has not only aided injectors in locating and avoiding veins with greater precision and ease during cosmetic procedures but has been useful in minimizing the patient’s discomfort, as with bruising or the possible migration of injected fluids. And as bruising can be a source of embarrassment for many patients – a telltale sign of their most recent visit to the doctor’s office for a treatment – this newest technology also reduces the need for healing time (and social downtime!) post-treatment.

When you begin your search for a qualified injector, we here at Aponi Aesthetics encourage you to ask your provider about whether AccuVein is available to be used in conjunction with your Botox or dermal filler treatment. This way, you can celebrate your newly refreshed and rejuvenated appearance, without worrying about the bruising it can leave behind.

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