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THERMIsmooth body™ 250

THERMIsmooth is a breakthrough procedure that uses radiofrequency heat to stimulate collagen to induce skin tightening as well as cellulite reduction without the risks and downtime of surgery.

How does THERMIsmooth body™ work?

The THERMIsmooth procedure involves the use of a round, smooth applicator that is smoothed over the surface of the skin to slowly heat the outer layer (epidermis) of the skin to 45 degree Celsius. The heating of the skin for a designated amount of time induces collagen and elastin to rebuild, providing a tightening and smoothing effect on the surface of the skin. This procedure is the perfect treatment for patients who would rather not have injectables or minimally invasive treatments such as the THERMITight, but want smoother firmer skin. There are absolutely no risks associated with THERMIsmooth, and the procedure is entirely painless.

How does it feel?

The skin is prepped with a treatment oil to the treated area, and a warm, smooth applicator is applied to the skin in a circling motion. Many patients explain it is similar to a “hot stone massage.” The temperature is slowly increased so that the body can adjust appropriately with a target temp of 45 degrees Celsius for a continuous 15 minutes. Patients are completely comfortable during the entire treatment, and if the patient feels too much heat, the applicator is moved to another area to lessen the heat.

What areas can be treated to THERMIsmooth body?

Around the eyes (crows feet), forehead, lips, laugh lines, and neck can be treated. This is a great procedure for a subtle eye lift without undergoing surgery. Areas on the body include the abdomen, flanks, above the knees, cellulite, and upper arms.

How long does each treatment last?

Each treatment is between 15 and 40 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. Multiple areas can be treated at once. Patients are recommended to treat the area in a series of 4 to start, two weeks apart.

What are the results?

Results begin to appear about 3-4 weeks after the first treatment slowly and will continue to improve over 2 to 3 months. Many patients opt to retreat the area every after about a year to maintain the best results.

Any downtime associated with THERMIsmooth body?

There is no downtime associated with THERMIsmooth. A slight redness will appear immediately after the treatment in the area treated but will diminish with an hour or two. Patients can resume regular activities at any time.

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