The field of aesthetics is progressing at a rapid pace – but what does that look like for world of cosmeceuticals? Skincare brand on the rise, Skinprint, which is celebrating 15 years, is advancing skincare with its custom-formulated products designed to address a variety of skin conditions through individualized skin diagnosis

Chemist and Skinprint Founder Robert Manzo speaks with us at Aponi Aesthetics about what propelled him to take cosmeceuticals to the next level through intelligent skincare. Setting the brand far ahead of its competitors is its approach to formulating skincare products that interact with each person’s skin uniquely and personally for a truly personalized experience.

Learn about Manzo’s inspiration behind the brand and what the future looks like for Skinprint:

1. What was your inspiration for creating SkinPrint?

In my career, I have been a Cosmetic Chemist, Research & Development Manager and then a regional Managing Director, working in many different countries around the world. As a result of this extensive global experience, it became apparent to me that there was a large gap in the skincare industry with regard to cosmeceuticals that actually work for specific skin conditions. I then embarked on the search & development of personalized cosmeceuticals which resulted in a patent issued to me in 2008 covering this space. I never looked back and Skinprint has been a successful partner to hundreds of medical practices around the world providing personalized skin solutions.

2.There are countless medical grade skincare companies out there. What differentiates SkinPrint from other lines?

Skinprint sells nowhere online except directly from our website. Our products are too exclusive to be available on Amazon, Target or Sephora and the like. A large part of our business is the education of REAL skin science to the consumer with very high-quality products so they know what they are getting and how to use them. Continuing excellence in customer care is very important.

3. You feel strongly about a using a certain type of cleanser and you believe that it plays a critical role in the overall health of the skin. Can you explain?

The cleanser is the first step in a daily regimen, which is one of the most critical steps. A cleanser must remove oil, dirt, make-up and other skin contaminants well without affecting the structural integrity of the skin. It is also important not to use cleansers that are cloudy in appearance. What makes these cleansers cloudy is the addition of waxes to the formula. The reason chemists put waxes in cleansers is to make the skin feel soft. The skin should be “squeaky clean” when washed properly and ready for the next step. If it is soft to the touch after cleansing the skin will be occluded and other products applied after the cleansing step may not work as effectively. Use a cleanser that you can see through.

4. How can patients purchase your line? Are they available on Amazon or other skin care sites?

Our products are available primarily through physician offices, not online.

5. Human growth factors in skin care products are all the rave right now. What are your thoughts around this?

Human Growth Factors have been around for about 20 years. This technology is fairly dated and comes with some controversy. The idea of HGF is to stimulate skin to produce an effect like making collagen, elastin or lipids to increase the look and feel of skin. The challenge is what are these growth factors, what do they stimulate, are there side effects? Skinprint does not use Human Growth Factors.

6. What is next for Skinprint? Any hints to what you may be releasing next?

Skinprint is in the process of launching a series of products which actually stimulate each person’s skin without the use of growth factors. This is the new world of cosmeceuticals. We launched our first advanced product with this technology called Skintellect Micro Gel cream recently with “Self-Regenerating Growth Factors” or SRGF. This product has taken off globally. We are often struggling to keep up with demand. It is a very advanced anti-aging serum that utilizes each person’s skin biochemistry to improve their own skin… external growth factors. The formula interacts with each person’s skin uniquely and personally. A truly personalized experience. There will be several new products launched with this same technology in the near future.

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