Embrace the benefits of LED Light Therapy

Various wavelengths of light to promote skin health

Introducing your skin to LED Light Therapy could be the best addition for your overall skin health! Varying wavelengths of light provide a long list of amazing therapeutic benefits such as:

  • improves cellular health
  • reduce signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles)
  • increases circulation
  • accelerates tissue repair
  • heals skin post-injection or surgery
  • eliminates bacteria to reduce acne breakouts
  • decreases inflammation

LED Phototherapy: Skin Rejuvenation

LED Light Therapy can be added onto any in-office treatment such as dermaplaning, hydrafacial, SaltFacial, micro-needling and more. It has super healing powers for post injected skin to minimize potential bruising. Studies show that skin cells regenerate far faster when exposed to specific LED wavelengths.

Also available for purchase is the FaceLite system to bring LED light therapy to you at home. Ask us all about it!

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