Cellulite is something that affects nearly everyone, and whether your thighs and rear have dimples or not isn’t always about your weight or fitness. Cellulite happens when the connective bands that go between the fat in the butt and thighs start to tighten and pull on the skin. This creates the characteristic puckering and dimpled look. While there are some procedures that can help with this, such as a Brazilian Butt Lift, Cellfina is a noninvasive, one-time treatment that delivers long-lasting results.

How Cellfina Works to Combat Cellulite

In short, Cellfina works by relaxing those connective bands. As soon as the tension is released through the treatment, the skin smooths back out, creating a taut and more sculpted appearance. Cellfina treatments take about 45 minutes to an hour and require only localized anesthesia to prevent discomfort at the treatment site. The practitioner will mark the dimples and then use a needle-sized device to start treating the area. There are no real activity restrictions post-procedure, although you may want to avoid any particularly strenuous activity for the first 24 hours. There may be some sensitivity and bruising at the treatment site, but this should improve within a few weeks.

Long-Lasting Results

Results from Cellfina will start to show as soon as three days after treatment, but peak results can take a few months to a year to fully develop. One of the best benefits of this procedure is how long the results last. In one study, patient satisfaction rates at three years post-treatment were still at 93 percent, which is higher than the other popular treatments for cellulite. And the improved results and aesthetics continue even longer than this.

At Aponi Aesthetics, we know that looking your best is a big part of feeling confident and being ready to take on whatever the day — and life — brings. For those who are dealing with cellulite that can’t be addressed by diet and exercise or other lifestyle changes, Cellfina offers a nonsurgical, long-lasting fix for smoother, firmer thighs and butt. Call our office today to schedule your consultation and find out more about how this procedure can benefit you.

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