Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you could redistribute fat from one area of your body to another? Well, with today’s advanced technology in medical aesthetics, you can! Welcome, to the world of fat transfer procedures.

Fat transfers offer a long-lasting, safe option to contour the body and augment deflated areas for a more plump look. The procedure literally transfers fat from unwanted areas of the body such as the stomach or outer thighs and injects it into other areas such as the face, breasts, hands, and hip area. After the fat is removed, it is separated through filtration technology and then re injected into the body.


· An alternative to injectable fillers to add volume to sunken areas, fill in lines and add softness.

· Rejuvenate hollowed cheekbones and correct deep wrinkles or folds that appear around the eyes or mouth.

· Adds volume to thin, deflated lips and smooth skin that is pitted from scars.


· Restores a more youthful appearance

· Disguises tendons and veins that become visible as fat depletes with age.

· Creates a smooth, even, and long-lasting effect. This minimally invasive procedure can provide long-term, extraordinary results.


· Restores or adds volume to breasts without implants.

· Offers an amazing, all-natural way to enhance deflated breasts.

· Allows patients to achieve results similar to a breast augmentation without an implant.

· Results in a natural look and feel with far less scarring than traditional breast enhancement surgery.


· Alters the appearance of your backside for an enhanced look.

· Results in rounder, firmer buttocks without the use of any artificial fillers or implants.

· Achieves a natural-looking result.

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