As the cold winter months set in and cozying-up indoors seems more inviting, it’s also easy to start slacking on your skincare routine.

Prepare to change your mindset!

This is the ideal time of year to focus on your skin, while also addressing the visible signs of damage that have developed from overexposure to the sun in summertime.

For most of us, the unfortunate byproduct of a summer well spent may be a patchy, dehydrated complexion that looks aged and lackluster.

Combined with the wearying effects of winter, when humidity drops and the air becomes cooler and dryer and can further deplete our skin of it’s natural moisture, the skin can become increasingly sensitive and can begin to feel tight and dry.

To remedy this effect and ensure that the skin remains hydrated, healthy and protected all winter long, it’s essential to get into the habit of keeping up with your skincare treatments, exfoliating and moisturizing regularly and never skipping out on sunscreen!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but exfoliating during the winter is essential for remedying dry skin. If your skin feels dry, tight and flaky, it’s because dead skin cells have accumulated on the surface that need to be removed. This will also encourage better absorption of your moisturizer and Retinol and the essential ingredients they deliver to the skin.

So if you’re thinking of skipping the exfoliation step in your skincare routine during this time – think again.

For a light exfoliation, consider an enzyme treatment that can help reverse the sun’s harmful effects, while also reducing blemishes, exfoliating dead skin and brightening the complexion.

For deeper exfoliation, chemical peels can provide more dramatic results in reversing the signs of aging and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

As more aggressive exfoliates can make the skin especially vulnerable to sun exposure, the winter is an ideal time to get into peels because they can require up to three months of staying sun-free!

Post-peel, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen for added protection on a daily basis.

Most aesthetic practices offer mild to moderate peels and will make a recommendation based on your skin’s needs in order to enhance its clarity, color and tone.

You will appreciate newer, brighter and healthier skin that is revealed with chemical peels, as they can address a spectrum of concerns including texture irregularities, pigment concerns and clogged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and the harsh effects of the sun.

Be sure your skincare routine does not go into hibernation this winter. Remember it is always easier to maintain, than to play catch up!

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