Dermal fillers

Trends come and go each season in the world of aesthetics! However, there are a few procedures that remain a staple in anti-aging protocols. Each year, dermal fillers make the top 5 most popular non-invasive treatment list.

Not only that, how dermal fillers are being used continues to expand. Initially, dermal fillers were only utilized for facial rejuvenation, specifically lips, and mid-face. Now, dermal fillers are routinely used to rejuvenate the eyes, lower face, mid-face, upper face, neck, decollete, hands, and vaginal area. If that wasn’t enough, dermal fillers have more recently been implemented for jaw contouring, nose-reshaping, and non-surgical butt lifts.

In 2019, 812,285 dermal filler treatments were performed in the United States alone. You may be wondering why dermal fillers are so popular. The top reasons include lower costs and minimum downtime. Although dermal fillers cannot fully replicate the results of some surgical procedures, they do minimize the signs of aging and can sometimes delay surgery. However, it is not just those looking to turn back the hands of times that are opting for fillers. The youth choose dermal fillers to contour their face for sharper angles and reshape their nose for a more enhanced profile.

As techniques and technologies advance, patients will continue to have a broader range of non-surgical options each year!

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