As the world of technology constantly evolves our digital capabilities continue to progress. We see the benefits of technology evolution in our everyday lives from our laptops to our mobile devices to the cars we drive and so forth. The aesthetics industry is no different in that our goal to utilize technology to take our treatments, products and overall patient satisfaction to the next level.

2D & 3D photography of the skin is the latest example of these ground-breaking developments within the aesthetics industry. This technology allows you to visualize life-like images and project into the future what type of results you can expect from various treatments.

Your skin’s health will be based on the eight pieces of criteria listed below:

Red spots
Red Map
Brown Spot
Brown Map

With a simple color display, your skin condition can be compared to a matching population of the same age, same gender and same skin type subjects. The scores obtained will allow you and your provider to make customized treatments. We can go even further in your assessment thanks to the scores which illustrate improvements after treatment by measuring the severity of each criterion.

You can benefit from the precise metrics thanks to 3D skin evaluation which captures the depth of your wrinkles and pores. This allows you to visualize and assess the evolution and effectiveness of your treatment.

Ultimately, your skin care report becomes an ideal tool for us to develop a customized treatment plan with you to address your cosmetic concerns. Rethink your skin analysis by sketching you’re for the future.

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