Exosomes are all the buzz lately! They have been globally studied over the past 30 years and through recent technological advancements, this powerful product can now be delivered effectively to the skin and reap all their benefits.

The benefits of exosomes include:

  • enhance overall skin rejuvenation
  • reduces inflammation post treatment
  • shorten healing time
  • can be added to treatments including eMatrix, Vivace, microneedling (face or scalp), laser resurfacing, intense pulsed light (IPL), etc.
  • maximize treatment results

At Aponi Aesthetics, we offer BENEV exosomes that have been proven to increase elastin production by 300% and collagen production 6 fold.  This product comes lyophilized to preserve their regenerative activity up until the time they are ready for use. Once the exosomes are mixed, they are immediately applied to the skin or scalp to begin their magic.

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