Our lives have become busier than ever, or so it feels that way. Mounting demands and a long list of ‘to dos’ in both our professional and personal lives calls for endless reserves of energy to keep us constantly ‘on-the-go’. In this over-stimulated, ambition-driven modern world we’ve created for ourselves, it’s become more imperative than ever before to keep the battery charged and the momentum flowing without pause.

A rising trend amongst celebs like Chrissy Teigen, Hailey Baldwin, Kim and Khloe Kardashian is the vitamin shot to remedy fatigue. Unlike traditional vitamins that come in the form of a pill and are ingested orally, these injectables deliver an instant metabolism boost with the prick of a needle. Indeed, the vitamin shot is said to work wonders as a pick-me-up if you’re feeling tired and sluggish. And the benefits extend far beyond a simple energy boost. This quick in-office procedure not only energizes but can also make your skin glow and even help promote weight loss.

One of the most requested vitamin shots in practices across the country is the B12 shot. This injectable provides a much-needed boost of energy, while also helping with metabolism and fatigue. Results are instant in recharging the battery and feeling a renewed sense of vitality. The ‘instant gratification’ that vitamin shots like the B12 offer are taking the place of the more traditional pill, not just for the sartorial set, but for the vitamin deficient as well.

Injectable vitamins are satisfying the challenge many face with not getting enough nutrients from diet or oral supplements alone. As vitamin absorption by the gut is not as effective as receiving vitamins intravenously, many are turning to vitamin shots so that nutrients can hit the bloodstream and be directly absorbed into the cells. Simply put, its much easier for the body to absorb vitamins in liquid form than to extract the nutrients from their counterpart, the pill.

While vitamin shots, taken weekly, are an effective solution for increasing your energy, replenishing vitamin deficiencies and boosting your immune system, they are not a band-aid for addressing chronic fatigue or other underlying issues. For patients who are diabetic and whose blood sugar is not stable, it is recommended that vitamin shots be avoided. Minor risks of the vitamin shot may include infection, bruising at the injection site and inflammation, though these symptoms will resolve quickly.

If you lead a busy lifestyle (like most!) and are coveting an energy boost to remedy feeling drowsy and sluggish, vitamin shots may be the answer! Be sure to discuss with your doctor your diet and medical history and whether vitamin shots are right for your body.

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