It’s been approximately 4 months since the first official case of COVID-19 was found in the United States, and since then, life has changed dramatically. Stay-at-home orders, lay offs and supply shortages have hit nearly everyone, but now, it’s time to look forward as the country considers the possibility — and in some cases has begun the process — of reopening. While most people are excited at these first steps toward normal, this doesn’t mean that everything will go back the way it was.

The “New Norm”

Many people have used the phrase “it won’t be like a flipping a switch” when describing the process of reopening businesses and getting back to life, and as much as we may want it, the truth is that getting back to normal is really going to be about adjusting to the new normal. As businesses reopen, there will be different rules, such as mandatory face coverings, required use of supplied antibacterial gel, and social distancing by lowering limits on occupancy, .

At this point, everyone is ready to see someone other than their immediate family members. While restrictions on gatherings may be eased a bit, it’s likely that large gatherings, festivals and community events will be cancelled or postponed through the next few months as government officials watch to see how reopening businesses and lifting stay-at-home orders affects the COVID-19 curve.

Restaurants are likely to continue reduced occupancy and may require you to take your temperature before entering or go through a health screening questionnaire for symptoms of illness. Nail salons may have dividers, such as those that have been used in grocery stores, between artists and clients and require masks to help reduce the transmission of germs through the air.

Changes at Aponi Aesthetics

As always, we are committed to the health, safety and comfort of our clients at Aponi Aesthetics. When it comes to the medical skin care industry, clients will notice differences in the way we handle staffing and policies and procedures for treatments. Some things you will notice include:

  • Reduced numbers of staff working at the same time
  • Longer hours of operation to accommodate staggering clients (to include Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Mandatory masks for employees and clients
  • Antibacterial stations throughout the office
  • Mandatory use of antibacterial gel upon entering and exiting the office
  • Clients waiting in their cars instead of in waiting rooms
  • Reduced contact at front desk with payment information
  • Virtual consultations and follow ups

As restrictions lift and people are allowed to get out more and start resuming their normal activities, the staff at Aponi is so excited to see our patients! If you have questions about when we will be able to start taking appointments again and what precautions and procedures we will have in place to comply with recommendations, contact us to find out more.

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