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Puregraft removes about 97% of contaminants, leaving the most predictable results. The filtration technology has been perfected to dialyze healthy, harvested fat to preserve the regenerative properties of the fat. Blood, oil, and fragmented cells are “strained” out prior to injection to the treated area.

What is the process of Puregraft Fat Transfer?

It involves removing fat tissue from one part of the body and injecting it into another part of the body to provide natural lift, shape, volume and additional contour.

Step 1: Liposuction where fat is collected from areas such as the abdomen, thighs or hips

Step 2: Processing and purifying the fat using the Puregraft filtration system to remove any damaged cells, oil, blood and excess fluids collected during liposuction

Step 3: Injection of the purified fat to naturally contour and redefine

What is fat grafting used for?

It is most commonly used for adding volume to the face, breast, buttocks, thighs and hands. Transferred fat can be used along, or with a cosmetic dermal filler for additional natural results.

Why PureGraft?

The key to reliable fat grafting is to optimize the purity of the tissue that is being injected. When contaminates are left in the graft, results are suboptimal. Puregraft has been developed to improve the predictability of fat placed during fat grafting procedures. Using a gentle and efficient filtration system, Puregraft cleans the fat tissue by removing more than 97% of unwanted contaminants, leaving a highly purified fat. Removal of the excess blood and oil cells also reduces inflammation. The closed system keeps the tissue contained in a sterile environment, reducing the risk of infection or other complications.

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